Screw You...
Screw You...

I have been busy lately with regular visits to my GP. Recently i have been convinced that i have a spinal tumor and that i am not long for this fact probably two months tops.

However,after a full inspection of my spine and shoulder she had now obviously given up on me and told me that i have a “Health Phobia”.

Well,to my suprise she has actually diagnosed me with something…but had now informed me that she will not pander to my requests and has referred me to counselling and some acupuncture. I am pleased that i will now be having needles stuck in me but she said that i will never be cured.

Following this blunt comment i resort to my second best medical informant….THE INTERNET….

I have now diagnosed myself with Cyberchondria..i diagnosed myself with this on the internet…ironic i know…haha

Thanks to the Internet, becoming a hypochondriac is much easier than it used to be.

The easy availability of health information on the web has certainly helped countless people make educated decisions about their health and medical treatment, but it can be disastrous for people who are likely to worry. Hypochondriacs researching an illness used to have to scour books and ask doctors for information. Now a universe of information is available with a few mouse clicks.

“For hypochondriacs, the Internet has absolutely changed things for the worse,” says Brian Fallon, MD, professor of psychiatry at Columbia University and the co-author of Phantom Illness: Recognizing, Understanding and Overcoming Hypochondria (1996)…bollox…

So far, no studies have been conducted on just how hypochondriacs use the Internet, Fallon says. But the phenomenon is common enough to have a snappy name — “cyberchondria.”

So, i now have a snappy illness called cyberchondria….bollox to my doctor i have the world wide web…..but i would still like the counselling Doc..cus im still a Fuck up!!!