I woke up yesterday morning with severe back pain. Not fucked up liver back pain from too much drinking the night before, but spinal tumor, cold back, muscle dystrophy, I’m going to die, back pain. I figured I just slept wrong and carried about my business, drinking wine and eating salmonella  infested kebab, and assumed that if I made it through the night without gastrointestinal combustion, the back pain would be gone.

It’s not. It’s worse.

A typical day
A typical day

I literally cannot move my head without sharp, crippling pain shooting through my left shoulder blade into my neck. It’s unbearable. If my attempt at self-medication with Solpadine and Nurofen doesn’t work, I’ll be forced into accident and emergency before nightfall. I can only live in such agonizing pain for so long.

The scary part, aside from the horrific stabbing sensation when I reach for my wine or turn to look at the TV, is that the area of my neck and back where I’m experiencing the pain, is not sensitive to the touch. Nor does it hurt when I move my arms.

Marc thinks the pain is stress induced. Or, a possible attempt to foil our plans to do the garden on Saturday. He could be right, or, I could be right and the tumor is about to engulf my soul….