Am in shock today having heard both through a friend and news that people are holding swine flu parties.  These parties as exciting as they may seem may not be a good idea.3495754080_352651d3e2


The reason behind it is because if you get swine flu now, then later on in the year when it becomes more virile and stronger, you would have built up a certain amount of immunity. I however am not convinced.

I mean…. What do you wear to these so called parties: a mask,dress or Body-bag?

Are you expected to take part in any games such as pass the viral tissue or musical dead people?

Do you take a bottle or a box of tamiflu?

I for one will be RSVPing all invites with a very large NO….and a few swear words…..

Masks worn: 15

Doctors appointments: 2

Swine Flu invitations received: 1

Swine Flu invitations declined: 1