Blood pressure: 120/75.

Bach’s Remedy drops: 3.

 Boxes of tissues: 5.2.

Plasters: 1

Eye baths: 6

Day started badly, am clearly allergic to Glitter. Experts warn of glitter reaction on eyeball. Having got some in my eye earlier from works party am convinced glitter-induced anaphylactic shock is setting in. 

Disaster averted by drinking mugs of wildly expensive herbal tea from wholefoods market and sitting in bath of aloe vera. Slightly miffed that hypoallergenic decorations have not helped in averting  rashes.

Terrified of news that whole body CT scans increase cancer risk. Have been begging my doctor for one over the last ten years. Can never be too safe, but what if the worst happens? And how would I know now the spoilsports say we can’t have them? It’s a cycle of despair.

On another pre-emptive note, wonder if should book in for genetic testing before entire industry collapses under the weight of scientific scrutiny. Desperate to know if have fat gene.   

Met mate for lunch. Am on pre-detox-detox-prep so just water and 3 almonds for me. Instead, i opted for the BBQ Chicken, Kept thinking about recent Food Standards Agency warning not to wash chickens before cooking. Utterly illogical in my eyes. Would far rather risk splashing bacteria about the kitchen than consuming factory-worker-hand-germs. Yeuch.

Mind wanders to last night’s works party. Gout a definite concern. Drank huge amounts of Cider,but this was accompanied with blackcurrant,so covered on the vitamins front, and now I have an ulcer. Soothing mouth gel is a godsend but worried about sugar content.

Note: Must ask GP if  she’s avoiding my calls over possible knee tumour. She insists it’s a bruise, but expect she’s merely bitter after I correctly self diagnosed adult ADHD last week.