I am currently recovering from an air embolism. These are tiny pockets of air trapped in your blood in your body. They can get in there in many ways. Crafty little pockets of air that like to pop a little around your brain. Thus knocking a recovering hypochondriac into complete insanity. I first discovered these killers whilst in the midst of a 5 day headache.
Day 1: headache non specific….probably hormones…
Day 2: headache becoming specific….anxiety levels rising
Day 3: headache very specific very anxious with sharp pains and time to google….
Day 4: headache and google continue..at this point my sainity becomes a distance part of my past….
Day 5: weighing up the impending air embolism I am about to experience I decide to contact the surgery for emergency appointment. Making it past the bitch of a medical receptionist I get an emergency appointment. After I pointed out to her about possible medical negligence she gave up…