the20brainDue to a small 3 year old who still has the highly contagious chicken pox virus i find myself sleep deprived…

I have been up all night tending to this sickly child and have had no sleep.


According to the latest research:

“Women’s health is much more at risk from sleep deprivation than men”

“The researchers looked at men and women sleeping less than or equal 5 hours a night to see if their risk of having hypertension was any higher than men and women getting the recommended 7 hours or more of sleep a night. Among other problems increased hypertension does increase the risk of cardiovascular problems”

Following this discovery i will be taking these actions:

  • Sell the infected child on EBay to fund New mattress
  • Sell the Boyfriend on EBay so i have the aforementioned mattress to myself
  • Buy 2x Jars of Horlicks
  • Buy Lavender oil x 2
  • Invest in herbal sleep aid for coma induced sleep on the New mattress
  • Sleep during work hours in toilet to catch up on any lost hours of sleep
  • Maintain sleep hours to above 5 hours per day/night

I feel following these vital rules may therefore avert any sleep deprivation crisis thus extending my life…..Alert Now Downgraded to :

No Significant risk