retro-coffee-funny12I woke this morning normally:

  1. Checked i was still alive
  2. Looked in mirror for any abnormalities
  3. Had a good shower (approx 15mins scrub time)
  4. Checked sky news for any major events
  5. Made a cup of  hot tea……………..

Whilst enjoying my cup of hot tea in front of the news and perusing the morning tabloids i read the headline: “Piping Hot Tea Can Give You Cancer”……….

After dropping my tea and giving myself  Third degree burns i composed myself..reading further i discover…..

“Researchers found drinking tea with a temperature above 70C increased the risk of oesophageal cancer eight-fold. But if you let your cuppa cool for five minutes it should be safe to drink, experts have said”

So following this devastating news and one more blow to my sanity…i find myself  surfing the Internet for any reported fatalities of tea drinking, i also booked  in for another GP appointment to have my mouth and throat inspected, and i have decided to invest in a thermometer (digital).

 I have now switched to coffee on a permenent basis……decaf coffee…..definatly decaf coffee….decaf coffee due to palpitations and twitching…..

If you still fancy and nice cup of hot tea visit: Tea Drinkers BEWARE

“un café décaféiné et pas trop chaud……….one decaf coffee not too hot….”